3d Animated Towers #1

Screenshot 2015-12-21 13.22.30.png

Here is my first experiment using WebGL with p5 javascript library for creative coding. It shows bouncing towers with coloured top blocks in varying light and constantly changing camera perspective. Every so often the blocks will reset to a subtly different configuration with a different wave frequency that dictates their up/down motion.


As with this all, I recommend having patience and try listening to abstract music while watching. In particular, I would recommend Laurie Spiegel, her album called “The Expanding Universe” from 1980 (https://itun.es/ca/WiLA2).


Here is another variation that allows for more control of the wave speed using keyboard controls. Press the “+” or “-” keys to speed up or slow down the wave-like motion of the towers. Press “m” to let the mouse position control the speed. Press “2” or “1” to decrease or increase the frame rate “jumpiness”. Press “p” to pause all movement. Also clicking and dragging the with the left mouse button will shift the perspective (i.e. “orbit”) ¬†around the scene centre point.


3d Animated Towers #1

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