3d Animated Towers #1

Screenshot 2015-12-21 13.22.30.png

Here is my first experiment using WebGL with p5 javascript library for creative coding. It shows bouncing towers with coloured top blocks in varying light and constantly changing camera perspective. Every so often the blocks will reset to a subtly different configuration with a different wave frequency that dictates their up/down motion.


As with this all, I recommend having patience and try listening to abstract music while watching. In particular, I would recommend Laurie Spiegel, her album called “The Expanding Universe” from 1980 (https://itun.es/ca/WiLA2).


Here is another variation that allows for more control of the wave speed using keyboard controls. Press the “+” or “-” keys to speed up or slow down the wave-like motion of the towers. Press “m” to let the mouse position control the speed. Press “2” or “1” to decrease or increase the frame rate “jumpiness”. Press “p” to pause all movement. Also clicking and dragging the with the left mouse button will shift the perspective (i.e. “orbit”)  around the scene centre point.


3d Animated Towers #1

Black and White Rotating Arcs and Circular Shapes

This is an interesting black and white animated p5 sketch I did recently.


Screenshot 2015-12-07 16.59.01

Black and White Rotating Arcs and Circular Shapes

Blooming Circles In Rotating Starfield

This P5 sketch shows an overlapping pattern of constantly changing colourful circles expanding, contracting or fading in a star field that rotates to the viewer’s perspective. The speed is controllable by clicking and draging left/right. I recommend a slower speed generally. This sketch is appreciated better when accompanied by appropriate abstract music or sound-art.


CirclesColourful (28)

CirclesColourful (39)

Blooming Circles In Rotating Starfield

Mesmerizing Rotating Things

Screenshot 2016-03-22 11.16.48

Here is another thing I made that is relaxing to watch with music… It involves rotating shapes.  The shapes are part of an artificial world whose components slowly fade into existence on the left, then move and fade out from existence on the right. In between, they “experience” what they can. A “camera” follows some of these shapes with an animated zoom perspective.


Here is a reference to a capture of an earlier version of this that I made without the changing perspectives and put on youtube:

Mesmerizing Rotating Things

Creative Coding – Colourful Rotating Attractors And Paths

Here is something I felt inspired to do recently… Possibly the idea was seeded by the patterns within a photo I took a week ago of a city intersection from above:

Intersection From Above (with dotted lines and approaching cloud)

Here is the creative coding experiment:


It shows a constantly animated set of arcs that pop into and out of existence forever as various “particles” are attracted to them. The paths created are determined by properties including their speed and mass and distance from the currently active “attractor”. The particles spin and orbit and are sometimes quickly flung out if they get too close to the attractor’s centre. The history of the “attractors” is encoded in the paths as a kind of memory. However these memories eventually disappear soon after the particles they are created by fall off the visual space. The whole visual is transient and its beauty (or not) can only be grasped fleetingly. If you let yourself watch it without distraction and combine it with an ambient atmospheric soundtrack (maybe like “Space Finale 2.2” by BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/space-finale-2.2/id388407355?i=388407435) it can be hypnotizing and can sometimes allow moments of interesting self-reflection.

I consider this work to be a kind-of metaphor for life. You can think of the particles as thoughts of a single person or as different individuals chasing after different goals or interests. The path could represent the unique perspective of a thought’s line of reasoning as it’s pulled to some idea or belief, or it could represent the unique story and context of an individual being pulled to some imagined goal or place. Sometimes the pull is mostly ignored, sometimes it has great influence and sometimes it completely changes the path’s history and time remaining.

AttractorAndPathsCanvas0001 (9)

AttractorAndPathsCanvas (93)

Creative Coding – Colourful Rotating Attractors And Paths

My Game – Lazor Reflektor

Screenshot 2014-12-07 10.00.48

Here is a link to play the game:


To play you just have to (carefully) fire a laser (by pushing the FIRE button in the screen or by pressing the SPACEBAR on a laptop/computer) to hit as many green dots or other coloured “prizes” and avoid getting killed by your own laser reflections. Watch out for the BLUE boxes as they reverse the laser direction back towards you.


It should work on any device, laptop or desktop browser but I prefer playing it on a large desktop screen with the volume turned up to better appreciate the 8-bit sounds coming from it.

Here is a screen capture of the game as it appears in-between games…


My Game – Lazor Reflektor

Stars Falling Through Space

Screenshot 2014-11-16 21.00.06

I like looking up at the night sky in contemplation. Back when I was six years old I remember going to Toronto’s planetarium for the first time and being amazed. I was so glad that I was just old enough to get in (the limit was 6 years of age). When I sat in the deeply reclined seats with face upwards looking at the slowly blackening dome and pin sized spots of bright white light from the strange projector structure in the center along with the transporting music I WAS IN AWE! Maybe that was inspiration for this creative coding exercise…

You can view the live running code here:


Stars Falling Through Space