Falling Blocks of Black and White with Artificial Physics

Falling Blocks (exp13blackandwhiteshapes (4))

Falling and bouncing boxes of black and white with artificial physics in a grey world that is constantly speeding and slowing and with periodic resetting. It was made using P5 for the graphics and matter.js for the physics engine.

Here is a screen capture video of it running:

To view the running animation click below:


The animation by default will have a crickets sound in the background which is nice but can be muted by pressing the ‘h’ key and, in the control panel, clicking/checking the ‘isMuted’ option. Next press the ‘h’ key again to make controls disappear. An interesting sound to accompany the animation is sound of Jupiter from a NASA recording. Open the following link in a separate tab/window:

Falling Blocks of Black and White with Artificial Physics

Creaky Doors Animation

Screenshot 2014-11-16 20.01.08

A few weeks ago I’d went around my house to record various door and drawer sounds then edited them with¬†Audacity and applied a reverb effect realtime using javascript sound libraries. I searched for mathematical easing formulas that best matched the duration and character of each door/drawer type. Then I put together a choreography of simple shapes to bring them to life in interesting patterns. Each time this code is run there will be a different character to its viewing. The overall complete set of potential patterns will be revealed only to viewers with patience.

You can view the live running code here:


Here is a capture of an example run:

Creaky Doors Animation

Overlapping Shifting Boxes With Shadows

Screenshot 2014-10-24 19.32.46

I was experimenting with abstract art and vector maths to simulate shadows from an artificial light source. In this experiment the source of light is controlled by the horizontal position of the mouse cursor. It was inspired by a CD cover I saw somewhere. Here is a sample screen capture:

You can see a unique sequence of the live running code here:


Also here is a black and white variation on the above that has no shadows but is still interesting on its own.

exp13blackandwhiteshapes (4)

Screenshot 2016-03-05 19.59.11

Screenshot 2016-03-05 19.43.22

Screenshot 2016-03-05 19.43.45

Here is the running code for it:


Overlapping Shifting Boxes With Shadows